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Jersey Frames / Shadow Boxes

Custom Made Jersey Boxes

Jersey Frames & Shadow Boxes in Brookline, MA

Not everything that needs a frame is flat – pictures and pieces of art are only a portion of what can be framed. Whether you're looking to frame a jersey from your favorite sports team or a collection of shells you picked up from your family's beach vacation, David's Custom Framing has you covered.

Jersey frames are fantastic for displaying your dedication to your team and preserving these cherished pieces of sports apparel from the ravages of time. Shadow boxes are another great framing solution that no only creates depth and dimension in your living space, but also provides a place to display items that are three-dimensional. Whatever you're looking to display, David's Custom Framing will help you find the perfect frame for every item.

Located in Brookline, Massachusetts, David's Custom Framing has been offering quality framing services to their customers since 2008. Their immense and accurate knowledge of style makes them experts at offering a variety of framing styles for whatever it is they're looking to frame. They have a huge selection of jersey frames and shadow boxes for you to choose from – larger than most framing companies.

If you have a frame in mind that you need to match and David's Custom Framing doesn't have it in stock, don't fret – their experts will go above and beyond to find the perfect match or create a customized framing solution for your needs. Finding the right frame for your things is their top priority, and they work diligently to ensure that you get exactly the right size, shape and color you need for any framing job.

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